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Penang Butterfly Farm News Corner

We are often featured in Malaysian newspapers and periodicals as we have been caring, educating, sharing our knowledge with the public and by publishing these articles online, we hope we can reach out to the rest of the world.

As Featured in the Star North:
A Solution To Dengue - First Page
A Solution To Dengue - Inner page

Farm Visit an Eye Opener to Students

As Featured in the Star Metro:
Be a Breeder - First Page
Be a Breeder - Inner Page 2
Be a Breeder - Inner Page 3

Up Close With Butterflies 1
Up Close With Butterflies 2
Up Close With Butterflies 3
Up Close With Butterflies 4
Up Close With Butterflies 5

As Featured in The Star's Trivial Pursuit:
A Love For Lizards 1
A Love For Lizards 2
A Love For Lizards 3

As Featured in Berita Minggu's Makan Angin
Taman Rama-Rama Terbesar Di Dunia

As Featured In Other English Periodicals
Penang Butterfly Farm by Khoo Su Nin - Page 1
Penang Butterfly Farm by Khoo Su Nin - Page 2
Penang Butterfly Farm by Khoo Su Nin - Page 3
Penang Butterfly Farm by Khoo Su Nin - Page 4

As Featured in Chinese Newspapers
Penang Butterfly Farm 1
Penang Butterfly Farm 2
Penang Butterfly Farm 3
Penang Butterfly Farm 4
Penang Butterfly Farm 5
Penang Butterfly Farm 6
Penang Butterfly Farm 7
Penang Butterfly Farm 8
Penang Butterfly Farm 9
Penang Butterfly Farm 10
Penang Butterfly Farm 11

Note: Please make sure you have JavaScript enabled to view the articles.

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