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Frequently Asked Questions

And The Mystery That Has Become of Penang Butterfly Farm!

  • How long ago was the farm set up?
    It is the first live Tropical Butterfly Farm in the World since the 80’s! So you can imagine how long ago that was.
  • How does the farm manage to maintain thousand of butterflies flying daily?
    Behind what is visible to you visitors is a complicated yet systematic operation consisting of extensive R & D and breeding activities that support what you see in the farm garden.
  • How is it that there are new butterflies found in the farm everyday?
    Butterflies emerge into the new world from hundreds of pupae displayed every morning. See the miracle of this emergence personally which usually occurs in the morning.
  • Who do we have as a celebrity at the Penang Butterfly Farm?
    We have succeeded in breeding the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing, our National Butterfly (and a highland species) in a lowland environment. It is the most beautiful butterfly living with us.
  • How is it that the butterflies do not fly away from me?
    In the farm, all our butterflies are so well tamed that they can be appreciated up close and personal. They do not shy away just because you wish to take a photograph of them.
  • How is it that I can learn so much from P.B.F?
    Other than the live exhibition, the P.B.F. has an insect museum and educational facilities, pre-arranged school programs, organized workshop, private field trips and hands-on activities for all enthusiasts.
  • How is it that I can touch and understand the little and beautiful tropical inhabitants of the P.B.F?
    Come and catch our SHOWTIME - 10am and 3pm daily! Here you will see up close and even be allowed to learn how to handle small beautiful creatures like the Oriental Water dragon and be amazed with One of The World’s largest moth, nosiest long-legged grasshopper, longest walking stick insect, Hardest-Headed grasshopper, the leaf insect, geckos and many more!
  • Why is it a must to visit Penang Butterfly Farm?
    The Penang Butterfly Farm is showcase of mystery of the tropical wilderness. You can discover a mystery after a mystery. You will be fascinated by the thousands of butterflies, the elegant orchid mantis, some god-created unique insects, scores of petite invertebrates and other miniature life forms you may not have seen before.


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