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Following the success of the inaugural symposium in Hong Kong,
the 2nd Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium (ALCS)


"Conservation of Lepidoptera through Education & Research"

The 2nd Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium 2008 brings together scholars and experts of the Lepidoptera to discuss and review the conservation status of butterflies and moths in the Asia region. The threats of dissappearing butterflies and moths in this region and even in different parts of the world as example are neccessitating preventative measures and conservation strategies to be taken. Conservation of Lepidoptera on large scale has been succesfully carried out in the US, UK and Europe but never before in Asia. We have been acknowledged to be the first in the region to evaluate the conservation status and efforts in Asia.

Research universities, through their core activities of knowledge discovery, capacity building and policy influencing, have a critical role to play in this topic. Butterfly houses, zoos and nature related centres could play a meaningful role through education and research, while offering professional and practical advice on breeding and habitat conservation. In bringing further awareness to the public, as Lepidopterists, we continue in finding ways of stimulating the public's interest and promoting interaction via conservational activities.

The 5-day symposium consist of presentations and workshops that will focus on various steps of the conservation process, such as assessing the current conservation needs, understanding of asian Lepidopteran trends, sharing of new research outcomes and formulation of strategies. An umbrella body and regional network will be formed to respond to the identified needs and sharing the vision of Lepidoptera conservation through education and research.


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