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About the Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium

Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium (ALCS) is an iniative by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden aimed at assessing the current conservation status, then identifying and creating a framework for Lepidoptera conservation in the South East Asian Region with a practical series of presentations and workshops, as there wasn't an integrated approach towards the conservation of butterflies and moths in the South East Asian Region.

The First Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium was previously the South East Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium and was held in Hong Kong from 4th to 8th September, 2006. During the 1st symposium, Penang Butterfly Farm was nominated by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden and was finally given the opportunity to host the 2nd symposium which will now be held on 24 - 28 November 2008 in Penang, Malaysia.

“Conservation of Lepidoptera through Education and Research” is our theme for the 2nd ALCS in 2008. This current symposium will provide a forum to gather a wider circle of people who are interested or involved in Conservation of Lepidoptera, such as reputable Nature Photographers, Museum Curators, Nature Writers, Journalists, Broadcasters, Institutional Directors, Academicians, Specialists, Hobbyists, Nature Bloggers, Designers and IT specialists in relevant fields.

We aim to follow up from the 1st Symposium of with the following objectives:
1. To assess their current conservation status;
2. To further develop a Regional Network of organizations under an umbrella body;
3. To continue to develop the Regional Conservation Strategy;
4. To spread the Conservation message and promote interaction from public.

The speakers at the 2nd Symposium will be sharing topics in the following core themes:
1. Identifying the Asian Lepidoptera status and its needs
2. Lepidoptera Research and Info Sharing
3. Education towards Lepidoptera Conservation
4. Global / Asian Lepidopteran Trend


The ALCS Logo

The Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium is represented by the species Dichocrocis zebralis which is a moth.
It was choosen by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden for the following meaningful reasons:

1. Dichocrocis zebralis is a beautiful moth species, with iconic appearance, found throughout the Asian region.

2. Dichocrocis zebralis's posture makes the forewings like a zebra crossing - a point where people can safely cross a road: this could be interpreted as a metaphor for
(a) a meeting of people, bridging the countries linked together through conservation,
(b) conservation reaching a crossing point / threshold whereby if no action is taken now, it may be too late to make a difference - reiterated with the orange hindwings representing danger.


south east asian lepidoptera conservation symposium

Group photo of the speakers and host committee of the 1st Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium.