Rock to Rock Run 2014

Another year of rocking good time!

On its 5th year now, the Rock to Rock Run organised by Hard Rock Hotel Penang is another success. This annual event help raised RM70,000 for improvement and development of SJK (C) Yok Eng in Sungai Udang, Seberang Prai.DSC02530DSC02486

Penang Butterfly Farm once again took part in this event as one of the main sponsor, as well as being the turning point for some 1,500 competitive runners.

To bring joy to the runners, our booth at Hard Rock Hotel Penang was also filled with fun activities.  Were you there too?




This year, we laid out a giant board game and named it Millipedes and Ladders!

You guessed it right, it is designed after the game Snakes and Ladders. And since we love our creepy crawlies so much, we threw in live millipedes for all to experience a massage and also to give the players some major goose bumps.




DSC02500Public announcement: no millipedes or humans were harmed in the making of and during this game. Although, they were a few screams here and there.






The lucky winners of the game received a mystery prize and a potted plant.  The potted plants are part of an ongoing campaign called, #GrowMeToKnowMe. For more details on this, you may visit


There was also a doodle board with the phrase that is bugging us for so long… “If I were a butterfly…”




While waiting, some took up the challenge of creating an origami butterfly egg. It wasn’t easy, take our word for it or better yet-try it yourself at




Meanwhile at around 6:00am, at Penang Butterfly Farm…




There were 1500++ cups to fill with drinking water.




And a lightsaber to direct traffic…wait, what? a lightsaber?!











And then there was…


If you were there, give yourself a big pat on the back for joining this charity event. We hope you all enjoyed the run and activities as much as we did!

See you again next year, same time, same place!

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