Rock to Rock Run 2013

This year’s Rock to Rock Run by Hard Rock Hotel Penang was as rock n’ roll as the previous runs and Penang Butterfly Farm was thrilled to return as a Queen Sponsor.

The run was held last 27th of October, 2013 and constituted of 2 categories : The Fun Run and The Competitive Run

The Fun Run was 3.8 km from Hard Rock Hotel Penang to Tropical Spice Garden as the turning point and back to the Hotel while the Competitive Run was 10.2 km starting from, of course, Hard Rock Hotel Penang to Penang Butterfly Farm and back.

Runners passing through Penang Butterfly Farm

The theme was “Running in the Name of Rock” but did we mention it was also running in the name of giving? Like all the previous Rock to Rock Runs, all was done for charity, and this year’s proceeds was for SJK (C) Permatang Tinggi, Bukit Mertajam for improving the condition of the school for the benefit of the students and teachers. Giving them a great learning environment will surely help them enjoy learning and going to school.

Penang Butterfly Farm’s booth was filled with cuddling and mystery during the event.

Showing the gecko some love.


Cuddling… and some kissing too! One of the activities was to pet, kiss or cuddle the friendly and sexy-eyed Cat Gecko. People who were brave enough to do that were able to snap a photo with it and post their photos on Social Media and hash tagged us - #pgbutterflyfarm! and wait…not only that, they got a prize too, they got to release a newly emerged butterfly!



For those who have eagle-eyes in bug hunting got a chance to try our famous signature game, The Bug-A-Boo. It was tricky to look for those master of camouflage ~ the Praying Mantises but a few people were such a match for it that they were able to spot all of the mantises. Their bug hunting efforts didn’t come unrewarded…winners received a mystery gift from us.

Bug hunters on the hunt!

Were you there with us and snapped a picture? Don’t forget to hash tag us #pgbutterflyfarm and connect with all the rest who are also talking about us and how awesome the event was.

We say, see you next year for another Rock to Rock Run!

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