R is for Recycling and NS is for…

Nature Specialists!


Those who have visited Penang Butterfly Farm would have probably spotted these passionate fellow we call them as Nature Specialists. Hanging around the flight garden and sharing their hearts out about how wonderful the world of insects are.

Now that the bugs and the rest of the critters are long gone (more on this later…) these band of passionate fellow we call-OH, I’ve mentioned them already!

IMG_0191So, I was saying…they decided to get their hands on some used water bottles and some GOLDEN seeds.

Obviously, I was just exaggerating that part, the seeds are not really gold! Well, it’s as precious as gold since it has the power to actually create a positive change to this climate change situation we have going on.  But yeah, of course, not until they turn into lovely bundles of green. Still, you get what I mean right?



Going back to what I was actually talking about, they decided to take on up-cycling as another hobby. It was such a waste to throw those water bottles anyway. Why not turn them into DIY hanging planters instead?

Check out the fruit of their labor!



We promise you, it’ll be more awesome once the plant grows and the flowers bloom.

Oh, about the bugs and the rest of the critters, they have gone off for a vacation as Penang Butterfly Farm is closed to the public until December 2015 for a major redevelopment.


A bigger and better experience is coming your way…





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