Don’t judge the smell by its look!

For the past few days, there’s an awful smell at a particular spot in the garden. Smelling it will make you imagine a dead fish at the beach shore surrounded by excited flies. Who would have guessed the odour comes from this beautiful thing:

Meet the  Bulbophyllum beccarii, a rainforest orchid, apparently found in South East Asia. Wikipedia reported that it grows in Borneo. What makes this stinky fellow special, is that it blooms only once a year, or even as rare as once in 2-3 years. The stench is said to attract flies. However, i spotted a lacewing butterfly coming to it.. hehe.

Their huge leaves positioned themselves in such a way  that it forms a ‘bowls’ that will trap falling debris as  nutrients.

Well, take a good look at while it’s still blooming. You won’t see (and smell) it till next year!

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